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Why Use StatsWebTown?
Get to know the users of your website and market directly to them
Learn which sections of your website are most effective and develop it accordingly
Access your stats and generate reports at any time!

    What is StatsWebTown?
StatsWebTown is the online portal that allows you to learn about your website's traffic - and knowing more about your traffic enables you to make more effective decisions about your website.
    What is a "Unique Visitor?
A unique visitor is an individual who accesses your site. If an individual accesses your site from the same location more than once during a set time period, he or she counts as only one unique visitor.
    What is the difference between a "hit" and a "Unique Visitor?""
Measuring "hits" means that each time someone returns to your website or reloads the page, a new hit appears. Not only does this artificially inflate the popularity of your site, but it also prevents you from distinguishing between driving new traffic to your site and retaining loyal visitors. A Unique Visitor, on the other hand, will only appear when a new individual accesses your site. Each of these stats is useful when designing your website's strategy.
    Can I use StatsWebTown on more than one site?
Yes, you can use StatsWebTown on multiple websites. Just click the button and complete the form (pictured below) to generate the code. Then just and copy and paste it to your site.
    How can I paste my counter code to WYSIWYG HTML Editors?
Try to copy and paste in the text mode of WYSIWYG editor. Most WYSIWYG editors change the code and cause the Java Script errors.
    Where is my Stat Code?
From the "Tracked Websites" menu on top, select the website and choose "Get Stat Code." Read the instructions indicated to integrate the code into your website.
    Can I use other counters on my site while I am using StatsWebTown?
Yes. The services will operate independently.


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